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Last Saturday the motorcycle community came together on a Food Drive to collect donations for the The Rio Rancho Storehouse West. The typically received thousands of pounds of food from the yearly Rio Rancho Toy Run. They were low in supplies for the needy due largely in part because, The Rio Rancho Toy Run had to be cancelled in 2012 because of the high cost of police escort for the run of $5000.00. 

Below is a thank you letter from the Store House. We we able to collect 1204 pounds of food. The New Mexico Motorcyclist Rights Organization donated $200.00, the Central New Mexico Motorcyclist Right Organization donated $100.00, the Confederation of Clubs donated $200.00 and Peacz who was the coordinator of the Rio Rancho Toy Run had mailed them a check for $500.00 for a total of $1000.00. Thank you to all, we displayed the kindness, compassion, and loyalty that our motorcycle family does when they unite to support our community even in times when may of us are struggling to make ends meet. Thank you to all for helping us make this event a success.
Annette Torrez NMMRO Chairman
December 26, 2012

 New Mexico Motorcyclists Rights Organization
P.O. Box 27673
Albuquerque, Nm 87125-7673

 Dear supporters:

 Please accept my thanks and that of the Board of Directors of Storehouse West for that fantastic donation of 1204 pounds of non-perishable food you collected during your food drive.  

 This has been a very busy and demanding holiday season, beginning early in November and continuing throughout December.  The numbers of persons coming for food have increased.  We have been feeding and clothing more and more families. With your donation we will continue to do so.

 We appreciate your support and wish you a peaceful and happy New Year. 

 Georgiana Kugle
Executive Director

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The NNMMRO, Deb Hill, family and friends would like to thank the motorcycle community, family and friends for your support on the Juan Cordova/Mark Wolfe trial and saga that begin in May of 2011 on Memorial Day Weekend. Mark was killed in the crash and his wife Deb and other motorcyclist riding with them were injured. Drunk Cordova crossed the yellow line and crashed in to the motorcyclist then fled the scene of the crash to be arrested one hour later. One and half year later justice is finally served. Many of us spent countless hours in court and waiting with Deb during the aftermath of this tragedy. Today we rejoice our victory and mourn our loss for Mark.  God Bless you all for your support. 

Click on link below to see The interview with Deb Hill on the day the verdict was read.

Cordova guilty in fatal DWI crash

Juan de Dios Cordova was found guilty on all six charges. Those charges include vehicular homicide and DWI.

Cordova killed motorcyclist Mark Wolfe in 2011. Debbie Hill is Wolfe's widow. She was also hit by a drunk Cordova after he'd already struck her husband and two others in their biker group. 

"It's been horrible. I wish it on no one," Hill said. 

The jury came to that conclusion despite all kinds of issues that came to light during the trial, including the fact that Cordova’s truck, a key piece of evidence, was destroyed at an impound yard.

Stephen Manzer was also injured in the accident, and said justice has been served for his friend, whom he misses daily. 

"We rode thousands of miles and never had any incidents, never drank and drive, and to lose his life to someone that was obviously drunk and stoned, it was tough," Manzer said. 

Rio Arriba County Sheriff Tommy Rodella released a statement Thursday night, saying his deputies did excellent work on the case and he is thankful for the verdict. 

It took the jury less than three hours to convict Cordova. 

A sentencing date for Cordova has not been set. He will remain in the Rio Arriba County jail until then.